Saturday, 11 February 2017

At last a walk on the Prom tiddly pom.

My back twinges are easing.  I have been doing some exercises found on Google.  The list made me smile as each seemed to contradict the next.

 -Do NOT cross your legs.
 -Cross your left leg over the right and stretch your spine.  Do not hunch.
 -Slouch forward. etc etc.

Anyroads one must have worked as I have stopped screaming and using bad language every time I get out of a chair.  Or sit on one.  Strangely enough when I am in pain, fortunately a rare occurrence I remember my breathing exercises for being in labour and thinking the breathing into where it hurts.  Now that does work if I remember to do it before I move.  It worked when I was hit by another car and had my ribs damaged a year ago too.

So - another attempt at the walk.

It was cold and windy.  I thought it was starting to rain but the DP said it was spray.  Either way I didnt fancy getting wet - so a shortish walk.

A wind surfer.  Most impressive one.  There was a surfer out there too.  

Not many sea birds.  A Black Headed Gull. (In winter plumage = no black head.  That will come soon as they move into the breeding season.)

Lots of Redshank.  But they move so quickly its nigh impossible to get a group of them on film.

Back home and it was down the shedudio.

Yet more on the drawing board.

Doesnt look like much at the moment!  I paint from photographs.  Photographers are very generous.  I have never been refused to paint from someones photo.  I am eternally grateful.  Obviously the DP would not dare to refuse.  But there are many I have never met and they never say No.  When its finished the label gives full credit to the photographer.  If it gets that far......

I should also explain that I have the photograph on my tablet which enables me to magnify bits of the photo.  The eyes are important.  Get the eyes right and you have the soul. Plus its then watching you so you dont dare get it wrong!


Mum said...

I'm so glad your back's easing. Pain is no fun! The eyes are definitely watching me.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Glad you are 'back' to getting out and about despite the weather. I find painting in the eye certainly makes a flat painting into a 3d creature.

rusty duck said...

Redshank collecting nest material? Soon it will be Spring. And you with a spring in your step already.. take care Jill.