Saturday, 25 February 2017

You just have to laugh - carefully.

With some pressure from the DP I dialled 111 - this is for advice on health problems.  

Basically I wanted to know what pain killer I could go for with all the other drugs I take. Paracetemol just wasnt working.  

Sadly today 111 was very busy and unless I thought I was having a stroke - in which case dial 999 for an ambulance - I was advised to call back later.  

So I then phoned the pharmacy and spoke to the pharmacist.  She listened to me and said I should see a doctor.  Next thing she phoned back and had made me an appointment at Peterhead Community Hospital to see a doctor..  She knew there were no doctors on duty in Fraserburgh.

So off we tootled.

The Doctor was as lovely as the pharmacist.  She listened, prodded, ow.  Then she was on the computer and saw my x ray results, from the x ray on Tuesday.

"You have a fractured spine."    Ye Gods.

So I am now on strong pain killers and the assurance it will get better but may take some time.

Now the laughing bit.  

She also prescribed laxatives as one of the side effects can be constipation. (see previous post.)

The orange juice worked by the way.

But she did say I could have a glass of wine.  So I am.  So far I havent fell over, gone to sleep, still coping with machinery (t.v.) and not driving as it hurts when I put the handbrake on....


Anonymous said...

What a palaver. No wonder you were in agony after your x-ray. Hope the painkillers are quick to work.

Joan (Wales)

rusty duck said...

Good heavens. How long have you been walking around with a fractured spine? I hope the painkillers are doing their job. Do please take care Jill x

Mrs Bertimus said...

Hope you feel better soon x

e said...

Poor you! I'm glad those two women came to your aid. Still giggling at Peterhead...Feel better soon.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Wow! You don't do things by half!! No wonder you were sore😟 sounds like you found a good pharmacist and doctor X take care

Chris Elliot said...

Poor you! But they do say "laughter is the best medicine"

Lynn said...

Oh blimey Jill ~ you poor thing. I suppose at least you know now. And you can tell everyone how hard you are ~ spoken in Victoria Wood/Julie Walters tones "I love excercising, love it. Go for the burn? These young things know nothing, nothing I tell you. I was exercising with a spine fracture , no less. They bred them tough in my day"

Joking apart, take good care. No wonder you were screaming in pain. I did wonder about a fracture but thought surely not.

Keep taking the red medicine in the big bottle😊

BethB from Indiana said...

I take numerous meds for a bad back AND MS, and constipation is a constant. I have managed it for years with use of stool softeners and bran tablets daily.

Love your paintings.

Born and Bred. said...

Jill, well at least none of the Medical Practitioners ventured that your situation arose by the lack of smoking.

Minigranny said...

Poor you - that sounds positively scary!! Does it really just heal itself?

hope you feel much better soon!