Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The day after yesterday.

I will never learn.  Doing so much yesterday HA HAAA.  Back to normality and struggling.

But hey ho some lovely photos as my clan gathered in Edinburgh.

Below is the picnic they had earlier with the missing daughter on the pic above.  Who was the hostess.

Our last house, which we ran as a b&b, would have housed them all. Seven bedrooms, 4 ensuite, 3 other bathrooms, library, snug, sitting room,dining room.  Now we have downsized that isnt possible.  3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining and sitting rooms.  But that means we have frequent visits during the year from one lot or another.  Which to be honest is far less tiring than the whole shebang.

So today I spent most of the morning in my pjs and dressing gown.  It was a beautiful day weather wise so after lunch I went out for the walk ( I did get dressed.)

High tide. So most of the sea birds were - in the sea.

As was this boat.

The Prom and beach were busy with dog walkers and kids, it being half term and a very nice day.

So here are pics of two of my grandsons meeting for the first time. One on the left one year old and one on the right 7 months.

Hilarious?  Or  is it just my weird sense of humour.  

Speaking of which Anonymous - you obviously do not understand.  Troll is back.  Yawn.


e said...

Beautiful sea and thanks for sharing your family pictures. Best to you.

Mum said...

The sea is blue, very blue. The 2 grandsons are having a good old chinwag, aren't they!