Tuesday, 7 February 2017

On the Home Front.

As we were to have a planned power cut from 9 a.m. til 4 p.m. we were to go out for the day.  However the weather was so bad, gale force wind and driving rain, I just couldn't face it.

The DP had lit the wood burner.  Once lit we do not need the central heating on.

Outside continued to blow and rain.

The woodburner did not just keep us warm either.  I put a mug full of water into pans and we had cuppa soups with our lunch and a coffee in the afternoon.  

We have frequent unplanned power cuts due to the strong winds bringing down power lines.  It may be this maintenance done today will lead to us not having so many - and they are usually at tea time !

  However I am going to purchase a kettle to sit on top of the stove.  Now I know the pans work we can have proper soup too.

It wasnt so bad being at home and I got lots of things done - which didnt need the computer !

Electric back on 3.40.

Pat - Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground.  Google it.  I think I got it from the SAA.

This was done the same on a larger canvas.  Good Luck.


Lyssa Medana said...

The very few times we have had a power cut has been a real shock to the system. It does look like it was a good day to snuggle by the fire.

As a side note - the dried flowers in the vase on the window sill look amazing. What are they? x

BadPenny said...

Oh to have a wood burner. Glad you could keep warm x