Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Wind and rain.

I went into Fraserburgh.  Called into Lidl and bought some pyjamas for 2 of the grandsons.  Apparently they cant get enough of pyjamas.  So we had Star Wars - Darth Vader and Spiderman.  Hmm.  I really dont remember what I wore as night wear in the 1950s.  

I then parked up by the beach where the wind winded and the rain rained.

I had to get out of the car and get soaked to take this photograph.

 A very large lorry, and how it got to where it was I know not.

But it was doing a top up of the bark on the playground.

The chariot would not have been able to get past it.  The weather was not conducive for a walk.  So hey ho.

I am now on 11% as opposed to 18% nicotine  on the vaping.  

Tomorrow is a better day. 

All good and I hope its the same for you.


Chris Elliot said...

Never mind, tomorrow will be a better day. Love your photos, even in the bad weather!

Lynn said...

Well done on the walking, vaping and just getting on with life.
Ps My 1960's nightwear was pink and flowery. Come to think of it so was my daywear ~ lol.

Born and Bred. said...

Keep going with the vaping, head for 0%.