Friday, 2 March 2012

Fraserburgh Harbour.

Harbours are fascinating.  So much going on.  Within less than an hour we have Peterhead, the largest white fish port in Europe.  Fraserburgh is just up the road.  Five minutes?
The fishing here is very much a major industry.  When I was heavily involved with tourism I wrung my hands at the huge fish processing factories in Peterhead, which blocked the view of the sea and the harbour.  The bed and breakfasts there that are still called Bay View or similar I do not know how they coped.  Presumably they are no longer genteel establishments for tourists but crammed to the rafters with itinerant East European Workers.


Back to Fraserburgh.  Which also has Fish Processing Factories but does have lots of quaint and picturesque Inns with views of the Harbour, without a factory blocking the view.  But do they make the most of it for the tourists, No.
So this is a working harbour.
Boat being lifted out of the water.

Do they still have to clean the barnacles off the bottom Penny?

Some of the Fishing Boats.  Unfortunately often tied up in the Harbour thanks to the EU  fishing policies.

The above is in the harbour boat yard.  Doesnt it look weird out of the water.  Not sure what repairs it requires.

And not just big boats

This one has just had a paint job, note it is not psychedelic!  The Dawn Patrollers view on the Paint shop pictured on the previous blog is that the painters return and just brush off their brushes on the wall, hence the art work!

And finally.  They never forget their history.
This is an old wooden boat being restored.

Amongst the big boys.

I too am being restored.  Thank you all for your kind words.
As I found out at lunch yesterday when we had friends here there are people far worse than I.  They are dead.


BadPenny said...

I like to see a working harbour - in Spain some of the best places to eat can be found there !
Barnacles - I've just asked hubby - the boats won't get barnacles any more as their bottoms are anti- fouled - I suppose they have to do this once a year.
Hubby & Jess are doing that very job on several boats at the moment & come home filthy & achy.

Thank you for use of sweet photo.
Hope you are feeling better xx

Christine Laennec said...

Oh Jill, I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better - I'd been worried about you - but sad to hear about your loss. Lesson: appreciate every day no matter what? Or something like that...

Thanks for the lovely photos of the harbour.

Polly said...

Not for publishing- sounds like you had actual dead people over for lunch?

Jill Chandler said...

Unfortunately, dear daughter, my sense of humour is sometimes hard to appreciate. Sorry Christine and thanks for your sympathy. Lunch was mainly on doom and gloom, health problems et al and being brought up to date on those who had indeed given up their mortal coil.

BadPenny said...

Penny back with her art hat on- ATC's are Artists Trading Cards to swap or give (or keep I guess) They are the size of a playing card 2 1/2" X 3 1/2"
I set the challenge for a monthly ATC as I have got out of the habit of making anything. I got INTO the habit of making things by blogging & seeing what people were up to !

You made me laugh my head off when you thought you'd gone blind trying to read the blasted word verification !