Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Frolics and Flora.

And the winners are.  Fraserburgh Photographic Society competition, 'Movement'.

The Guillemot by the Dawn Patroller came FIRST!!.
(the photo is  sitting on the easel down the shed -waiting for me to finish my take on it.)

This morning the DP visited Craigellie House's walled garden.  Sadly much neglected.  The house is being done up, but like in the book, "The Secret Garden"  this garden awaits somebody to nurture it and bring it back to life.  It is a walled garden so lots of protection from our cutting winds.

Now let us thank Mother Nature for carrying on the gardening secretly - just beautiful.

In fact my Friday frolics are being enhanced even more with a glass of red. Cheers.


Mum said...

Well done DP. Have a star.
Love from Mum
xxturisn iseceper

Anonymous said...

Well done DP! :)

Susan T said...

Great photo's well done indeed.

Christine Laennec said...

Congrats to the Dawn Patroller! And what lovely shots of your Secret Garden. Amen to Mother Nature doing all that she does without any help from us human beans.