Thursday, 15 March 2012

We know who you are...

First Mothers Day Card this year.  The daughter knows me well.

Probably never been a good role model.

One of the many interesting features of our neighbour up the road's garden.

Redshank at Peterhead.  Artistic picture from the DP.  Expects me  to produce a painting of same.  Not sure he knows me that well.

We do not know what or who caused this sheep's death, but nature (birds) have cleaned it up.

And this is Puzzle cat.  Who has indeed presented us all with a Puzzle.  of and cost a vast amount in vets bills. He stopped eating.  This is a cat who lives to eat.  To the vets.  Aneasthetised, had throat examined.  Found one piece of meat stuck to gullet, removed.  Continued eating, sicked everything up. Stopped eating.  Left home.  Spent two days trawling bushes, fields, brambles.  And calling, calling. Captured and back to vets.  Aneasthetised and x rayed.  Nothing. Mush to feed him -  see how he goes.  If no improvement, cut him open.  Dont think so.  How far do you go? 

Wish we knew who you are or what you are causing this.

We dont always know who you are.


Mum said...

Poor puss. It's awful when you don't know what's wrong and are unable to help. Let's hope that time is the healer here.
Love from Mum

Jill Chandler said...

Thanks Mum.