Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday Special.

This morning we decided to try to find this place.

Successful after a few wrong turnings.
My excuse was that it was quite misty.  Nearer the coast, where we are, the sun had already begun to 'burn it off'.  But heading towards New Pitsligo, where apparently there is a 'cold spot', it hadn't.  When it snows its always deeper there too.

 This photo

The man who has built this place, mostly from recycled stuff, is a bus fanatic.  He has two double deckers in a huge hangar like building.  He is doing them up and I think his plan is to tour the world in one of them.

The Last Bus Cafe is near New Pitsligo, but actually in the middle of the countryside.  There would have been beautiful views from the cafe, see below, had it not been for the mist.  Which drifted around making it all very spooky.

 The wooden building on the left of the picture is the loo.  One of those ecologically good ones.  Not sure if clothes pegs for your nose are provided.

Now I have to apologise.  Once inside I did not take any pictures as I was just so gob smacked.  All recycled stuff it is constructed from, but you would never think that.

You can see the shape of the building - octagon?  Inside, no its no good, I am going to have to go back again to take pictures, and have another of the best coffee/cappuccino I have ever had and a slice of banana cake to die for.
Listening to slow jazz from a 78 , (a 78!  there were stacks of them, and old film posters.) gazing out of the window at the trees, catkins, gorse, broom, Scots pine, watching the owner bring out of his range cooker cakes, buns, and the smell of the lentil soup on the hob preparing for lunch.  I had to be dragged out and slapped.  I was totally gone.  (do you think he puts hash in his home bakes?)

Course it turned out he was from Yorkshire.

I gave him a stern look, you never know when you are going to bump into an old boyfriend do you?  And there were many.  I practised a lot.  He also gave me a stern look.  But neither of us recognised each other.  So we chatted away.  

He opened last May, its open 24 hours seven days a week.  There is a large bell to ring should you wish to have a coffee and a cake at midnight.  They also have live music sessions.  What a gem.

My Saturday was so special I forgot about my hair, apart from when I had that fleeting thought, is this an ex, what the hell do I look like.


Mum said...

You must go back and take pictures - it sounds great. No simpering though!
Love from Mum

Jill Chandler said...

Grounded by Mum.

BadPenny said...

Oh I want to go there ! He might be an ex of mine but I don't remember any lads from Yorkshire
( Lancashire yes )
A friend & her husband popped in last night & we got onto giving birth stories. She said she was in a hospital bed next to her husband's ex & found the whole thing surreal. She even woke in the night & screamed that the woman's baby had turned into an owl ( it was a soft toy ) Amazingly, the two women became friends !

Christine Laennec said...

What a hoot and who would have thought such a place would exist in New Pitsligo? Please do show pictures of the inside, when you next go back. No comment re. your propensity to run into ex's in remote places!

Jill Chandler said...

Christine the world as you well know continually surprises us! Whilst at a tourism meeting some years ago I heard the Yorkshire accent. The chap was someone I had been at primary school with. Awesome.
Definitely back to take more pics.
Penny - well there you go. Surreal or what. You have to laugh. What would we do without laughter.

Kelly-Jane said...

We are going today - looking forward to it :)

Jill Chandler said...

Hi Kelly-Jane, I am sure you will enjoy!