Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday's Meanderings.

I missed last week's art class due to illness.  One of the members very kindly sent me the picture we have to emulate (?)  By Edward Hopper.  An American Artist.  

I spent most of the afternoon just drawing and trying to work out the roofs, angles of, perspective - not one of my talents - and how each object related to the next.  I think I got there.  Though I did have to get the Dawn Patroller in to work out for me some bits that I just couldn't understand.  Like why half the lighthouse was missing, "Oh, now I see, the lighthouse is behind a house!"  Not much hope for me is there.

During the weekend my four daughters were all together in Edinburgh.  Plus grandchildren.  Here are most of them listening to Grandma/ Mum holding forth.  On Skpe.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then we'll begin.

The Dawn Patrollers latest challenge (not an Edward Hopper) is to portray movement.  This is for Fraserburgh  Photographic Society's competition.

This is one he selected to enter, until I reminded him this was one I had taken.  My lovely, lovely, ducks, now no more, from our previous house.  Jemima and Puddleduck.  Bloody good photo tho isnt it!

The above is one of those clever things you can do with a digital camera, showing all movements not only of the golfer, but also of the ball!

Fine pair of legs.  Phwoar.

Three shots in one.  Yawn.

The five above are his, he has to narrow it down to three.  Fingers crossed for Thursdays competition.

Absolutely lovely day here in the North East of Scotland.  Bit of frost first thing, then sunshine all day.

Perfect for meandering.


Mum said...

He must include the legs - isn't it hover walking?
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

Great pics, and very sweet ducks! Yes, it's been a cracker of a day weatherwise, hasn't it? :)

Christine Laennec said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, Jill. I didn't know about your ducks - they look lovely and yes, fab photo. Fingers crossed for the Dawn Patroller's photographic entry!

Annie said...

Pheasants in the last post and gorgeous ducks in this ... you've gone all birdy Jill!

Ballal said...

Glad I found your blog. Great reading!
Love your paintings too. I'm NE Aberdeenshire too -just outside Collieston.
Do you sell your work? I am looking for pictures of local birds. :)

Jill Chandler said...

Welcome Ballal.
Hoping to exhibit first time ever this year. Selling pictures?! Goodness me!

BadPenny said...

Fun photos - Good luck. Skype looked mad !