Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wednesday - yet more witterings.

My Summer House/Drinking Den/Art Studio/Opera Theatre is now fully re-roofed!  Yay.

However I still have to paint it!  I never thought that I could have given them the green paint.  They have treated it with as it was before (because I never did get round to painting the roof)  so fair dos.  But I could kick myself.

Bit of a drama this morning.  The 'new' car wouldn't start!  The DP shot off to the vets in mine which imperilled me with missing my art class. (Puzzle cat having another antibiotic jab.)  However he was back.  We had a go with the jump leads, turns out they have passed their sell by date.  I went off to my art class and meanwhile the garage/seller came and got it going and left us with our old car and took the new one away to get it sorted.  It was the battery, fingers crossed as we all agreed the battery looked new.  Hmmm.  Collecting it tomorrow.

The next drama was on my way home from art class I called in the supermarket for the paper and lottery ticket and a bottle of wine.  A gust of wind caught my car door and hit the best kept car in the car park.  While I licked the marks off I had a lecture from this dear old man, probably the same age as me but he had gone into cardigans in a big way, about wind, parking in small spaces, dont get upset dear, I can polish that out on my daily buffeting, and so on.  But after I had kissed his highly polished brogues a couple of times he  said he didnt want my address or phone number.  "Dont worry your pretty little head, "  obviously going blind.

Poor Mother Nature, she really doesnt know whether she is coming or going.

Tulips flowering fully whilst daffodils do, and cherry blossom also?  Goodness.

Unfortunately the grass is as tall as the miniature daffodils.  So the DP is huffing and puffing to get into the mindset of mowing the lawns.  Fortunately ?  The weather is to revert to normal at the weekend indeed snow is forecast north of us.  


Mum said...

Our grass is getting long too but mowing is last on our list at the moment. Hope to see you at the Virtual Spring Fair.
Love from Mum

Susan T said...

Wow I wouldn't mind a summer house like yours, with or without painted roof. I think I could just about get to grips with life ( and cutting grass) If I had somewhere so lovely to retreat to.