Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunny Sunday.

Beautiful day from start to finish.

I think this is a primula (Tina?)

This is another of the statues on top of the barn in the middle of nowhere.  Still have the explanation to get.

The moon going to bed over Mormond Hill.

And its that time of year again.


So - what did I do with this glorious sunny Sunday.  I went out with the secatuers and the choppers.  I just love hacking things back.  This garden had been sadly neglected over the last two years, our predecessors were not gardeners.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself in pruning and trimming and destroying.  If I still have any gardening skills left there will be newly shaped vigorous growth in the bushes and some beautiful roses.

And at last I released the lily bulbs from their pots.

Just look at the size of some of these.

Bigger than my fist.  And so many of them.  The larger ones can be split.  We should have a good show  this Summer.  Lilies are my favourite flowers.  These large lumps are the Oriental deep scented ones.  Can't wait.  The bed they are to go in is along side the house.  Which is where the kitchen door is and the patio window in the kitchen looks out there too.  I want colour this year and scent.

Later on I all but finished the pheasant picture.  

The Dawn Patroller said the one on the right has too pink a neck.
I didn't stab him, would have clashed with the sunlight.
Hope your Sunday was sunny too.


Lynn said...

Yep totally gorgeous day here too & more forecast :)
Steve has been hacking away too - buddleia & pyracantha.
Look in the seed catalgues - there are some new bulbs called tree lillies - not trees at all but the lillies you like but they grow 6ft and tons of flowers- am going to treat us to some.
You sound well :)

Anonymous said...

Hubby says yes indeed, primula denticulata. :) (I'm starting to sound far too smug with these latin names, aren't I?) Hahaha!

Oh and by the way, your sense of humour cracks me up, every time! "I didn't stab him..." LOL! xx

Jill Chandler said...

Oooh Lynn, tree lilies. Hmmmm.

A Trifle Rushed said...

I love the pheasants, they are so lively looking. And the birds flying with all that nesting material, what a great photo.
The sun is shining here and I took my gloves off while I walked the dog! Hurrah!