Friday, 23 March 2012

What a week....

Let us pause for a moment and contemplate some calming images provided by nature.

Morning sky.


A new born calf.  (And Mum, thinking, just as I did, "Why doesn't she look like me?")

Whoo.  Backwards and forwards to the vet with Puzzle cat, who remained a Puzzle.  But all solved today, well, fingers crossed.  The Dawn Patroller had to negotiate Aberdeen rush hour including the infamous Haudegain roundabout.  (My spelling of this will be rectified shortly by Christine.)  Puzzle was duly delivered to be aneasthetised and have a camera put down.  Posh and expensive vets.

What did they find?  A lump of GRASS and a bit of fur.  Stuck on his soft palate.  This lump of grass and bit of fur has cost me a lot of  money.  However they did give us this lump, neatly packaged in an evidence bag.  So could I frame it and do a Damien Hirst and make some money back?  
Please be grateful dear friends I have not posted a picture of it on the blog.  
Sorely tempted.
Still dont understand why its taken weeks and a lot of money to find this.  Next time its a crochet hook.

I also had yet another birthday.  When your cards say this

Which is true.
But this one is even more true!

Oh we also had a visitation from daughter number two.  The one who landed me with Puzzle cat in the first place.  So presumably its not me she came to visit but the cat.  He was her cat, but rented accommodation did not allow furry four paws.  

She and the Dawn Patroller took him and whilst waiting for him to be examined went to Aberdeen Beach Boulevard and saw....

My week however, took an even more downward turn when I had my hair done.
No longer blonde I am a boring brown and it hasnt settled down after a couple of washes. In between ministering to sick cats, having the odd glass of wine, I have been in the shower.  And seriously considering contacting a sheep shearer.


Mum said...

Oh dear - I think it's best to let this week pass, don't you?
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you found out what's been wrong with your cat! But aren't vets pricey? (thank you for not posting the hairball pic) :)

With all the mild weather we're having, why not shave your head bald?

(kidding!) xx

Jill Chandler said...

Mum - you are right!

Jill Chandler said...

Tina, you do not know how near I have been to doing just that.

Christine Laennec said...

Oh dear me! First of all, a Very Happy Birthday Jill! Good to have you on planet Earth and in blogland. I'm glad the Puzzle has been solved and I echo Tina's thanks that you didn't post a photo. Sorry about the hair - didn't you have a close encounter with a hairdresser not all that long ago? Oh and it's Haudagain - as in "Hold on again" because everyone starts and stops and starts, trying to get across that infernal roundabout.

Big hug!

BadPenny said...

Oh you do make me smile. The last time I had my haircut she left me with a very short tuft at the top. I keep plucking at it to see if it's grown !
I put a mystery photo on my blog once & got people to guess what it was... ( my gall stones ) Also when Billy was "done" I invited offers for two furry grey pompoms.
Blasted cats - mine are having dust baths now then sitting on my or hubby's pillows to wash themselves.
Hope your hair settles down. Photos please !

Annie said...

Oh dear, a laugh or you'd cry week! Happy belated birthday Jill x

Jill Chandler said...

Goodness your comments are better than my blog, its good to laugh!