Sunday, 4 March 2012

Silly Sunday.

As many of my readers know we feed the birds in our garden.  We have a variety of bird feeders and in different areas of the garden.  
Outside the kitchen window there is a wooden framework we inherited when we moved here.  
On our kitchen window sill are pots of orchids, one of my hobbies, but they do create a 'bird hide' so you can creep up and take a quick photo.

But it isnt often, in fact never witnessed before a pheasant teetering on said wooden framework and chasing off a magpie while she tucks in.

Even more amazing was this male pheasant who thought, "I'll try that."

And had a go at the peanuts!

Kite Buggy Racing.  The Scottish Power Kite Association Buggy race was on this weekend at Fraserburgh Beach.

These photographs were taken yesterday, when there was a bit of wind.  Today, there was none, so not sure whether they did anything or not.
The plan is not to get your kites tangled with 'im or her next door.  
A new sport on me and not one I could get that excited about to be honest.
Fraserburgh also hosts the surfing championships, now that I do like.  Having, many years ago, been a surfer.  But sitting almost on the ground and hanging on to a kite - well no.

My sport this afternoon was, as per usual, down the shed opera full blast and painting grass..... the Puffins sitting on said grass, okay, but as with the Kite Buggys, I yawn when it comes to painting grass.
Silly Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Brill pics Jill! :)

Christine and I have been blethering about the Blogger's tea party. Do you fancy a Saturday in early June? Boogie Woogie in Keith is a nice venue for a trio of ladies to sip tea, eat cake and talk, talk, talk! What do you reckon? xx

Jill Chandler said...

I am up for that. I remember a lovely cheese and ham toastie there goodness how many years ago. Set a date.x I am sure their cake will be up to it also!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Can you send me your email address via my comments page so I can contact you privately? I won't publish the comment. Thanks Jill, xx