Thursday, 8 March 2012

Thursday's Therapy.

First of all today I cleaned downstairs, which is where we and the three cats live.  Dusted, vacced and mopped.  Without one sit down.  

The Dawn Patroller did the shopping.

After lunch it was down the garden to the shed.

Music, The Ultimate Tenors, well my friends, this is a somewhat tortuous cd.  People long dead and to be honest they sound as if they are singing from the grave.  Not your strong Pavarotti, more a wavering, will he reach the high notes?  But stars in their day.

So here is my take on Mr Hoppers 'Highland Lighthouse'.

Probably turning in his grave.  
Also I do not know where the title came from, as I dont think he ever visited the Highlands of Scotland.

I finished the painting and then drew this.

I couldn't find a laughter line anywhere.  His brother in law who I have met says he is a "Miserable Buggar."  But he did throw a pose for the DP.  So here he is for posterity.

Then the real therapy.  Spring!  Birds singing.  Bonking.  Investigating our nest boxes.

Spring is sprung.  And lots more therapy to come.

Should mention that the 'dead' bushes are Cherry Trees, we have tons which is why our hoosie is called (yawn) Cherry Cottage, instead of a proper Scottish title.  Anyone know the Scots for Cherry?  And will the Postie know it too?


Anonymous said...

Spring has sprung all right, and you have a spring in your step too, hooray!

The gaelic for "cherry tree" is apparently "craobh shiris". That's the best I could do. Good luck pronouncing that to the postie. :) Christine will be along soon hopefully, she speaks gaelic.

Loved your artwork. I haven't drawn or painted in decades. Maybe I should take it up again.

Jill Chandler said...

You should take up art work again. Anything that produces an end result is worth it!
And thank you so much for the Gaelic I wonder how you pronounce it.