Saturday, 10 March 2012


This is the field behind our house.  It is quite a challenge, I would imagine, to the farmer.

If you look in the middle of the photograph, just before the line of trees, you should see a darkish line.  This is a dip in the land which fills with water.

Closer to our house and between the bales of barley straw I watched the Farmer, his wife, dog and half a tractor disappear.

 It gave me quite a shock.  I seem to remember from our deeds that there is a well marked on them, roughly where they all were.  The tractor digger had a go at removing something from the hole and then with much head shaking, and hands on hips they all departed.

This is the tractor, you could only see the cab.  It is now in the field in front of the house gathering up the bales, putting them on a trailer and off they go.  For bedding and feed.  This field was also barley.

The dark lumps and mounds are s***.  Which will  be ploughed in to the earth as fertiliser. I approve that since living here we have not seen any artificial crap being used.  Very much a mixed agriculture.  All of the farmers have beasts and sheep.  

Plenty woodland too which shelter the roe deer.  Four white tails = four deer.

Two Roe deer having a love in.

Because of the way farming is done round here there are also many wild flowers.

Whether this is one or not, I am still trying to identify it.  Any suggestions most welcome.

And yes, the 'mulch' is broken glass!


Anonymous said...

What you have there is a chionodoxa luciliae. :)

Christine Laennec said...

I'm glad they got the tractor out! The deer are lovely, and the flowers too though I couldn't tell you what they are. And - why broken glass?

Hope you are feeling lots better by now.

Jill Chandler said...

Goodness Tina, a botanist to add to your many talents.
Thank you!
Christine, we dont know what the broken glass is, no sharp edges, its just by a house wall on a footpath with the flower poking through.

Anonymous said...

Haha, no...I'm married to an avid gardener with a myriad of encyclopaedias! :) xx

Annie said...

Glass mulch is usually made from recycled glass bottles that have been crushed and tumbled to smooth the pieces. Google Siar glass. It's great stuff for keeping slugs at bay :D