Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday's Meanderings.

Artistic struggles over the last week.  First time I have put people into a painting and had a real battle with the faces.  Still not happy.
But if I had carried on altering there would have been more paint on their faces than I put make up on mine.  And that's never a success either.  Despite all the promises from Oil of Ulay.

 The sick cat is improving.  Still a Puzzle in what was/is wrong.  He is still on the mush food from the vets.  Anything lumpier still comes back up.  sorry.   But he did evacuate - nice Mothers Day present.  sorry.   I had to phone the vet and say so, so me "He has done a poo." Receptionist, "Passed faeces."  Whatever.  

I had always thought pheasants were no brainers.  Until we came here and are swamped by the bloody things.

 Fat balls, what ever next.
Many years ago we had a broody hen and the landlord of our local had some pheasant eggs that his Mother Pheasants were totally uninterested in.  So - happy hen.  Well she was til they hatched out and flew straight up onto a perch.  They then proceeded to fly everywhere, into walls, lost two that way, over the hills and far away another one.  We were left with two Golden Pheasant Hens, which we sold and one ordinary pheasant which we ate.
Speaking of eating.  The Dawn Patroller returns today.  Now I havent cooked anything other than beans on toast and toast since packing in doing bed and breakfast which often included three course dinner.  He took over .  But I thought I would make a special effort.  It was Mothers Day yesterday wasnt it?  Not Fathers?  Ah well.  Beef on offer in the supermarket, cheaper to buy a huge joint than one for just the two of us.  So beef sandwiches for a week.  And I sussed out how to work the all seeing all dancing oven.
Just meandering off to top my wine glass up.  Cheers.


Susan T said...

You are far too hard on yourself Jill. I am sure you look just fine with a dash of makeup. As for your artwork. I would be VERY happy to achieve anything that looked half so good.

Mum said...

Your picture looks fine to me and I'm so glad that puss has poohed!
You've got some pretty daring pheasants in your neck of the woods - I thought you'd got one in the oven when I saw the picture.
We were watching a good film last night and I kept 'topping up' - there's not much wine in a bottle is there?! Enjoy your week.

♥ the quiet homemaker said...

I like your painting, so there.

Enjoy having hubby home, and I'm glad your cat is starting to get better. xx

BadPenny said...

I like your painting too sod the faces !