Friday, 16 March 2012


I am on my own this weekend.

or artist, ditto.

The Dawn Patroller has gorn orf to Patrol on the West Coast.  Taking in a Bird Conference and Boat trip the following day and then back here Monday.  

Meanwhile I have been taking the Puzzle cat to the vets.  He's been given an antibiotic shot which last for two weeks.  Now why cant I have one of those when I get a chest infection?  Instead of working out times and usually having to wake myself up at 4a.m. so as to keep the damn things spaced properly.
And they want to know when he has a poo.  At least I dont have to phone the doctor when I have had one.  

Meanwhile after jab and painkillers and eating mush supplied by vets but still no poo he is bouncing off the walls and wanting TO GO OUT.  Well he cant till he's been.

So not really total solitude.  But you do have a far better standard of conversation.  And furthermore no one speaks when I am interrupting.  Nor do I have to share my wine with anyone.

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