Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday sorting.

What a beautiful day!  24 degrees.  Nature gone mad.

I decided it was well time to sort out the summer house/shed/studio/drinking den.

 This mirror is huge.  And heavy.  I got it as far as propped up on the sink, which is left of here and lower.  Then I got a chair, stood on it, managed to just hook the mirror wire on to the screw and then adjust.  I then had to sit down for five minutes.

To the right is my beautiful kist, chest of drawers, containing fabrics.  On top are the IKEA drawers with sewing bits in, threads, buttons, ribbons.  Another set with seed packets and another set that is currently EMPTY.
Also the music centre, tape, cd player and retro radio, which on Sunday afternoons comes into its own, as I love Elaine Paige and then Johnny Walker, sounds of the seventies.  Which to be honest I hadnt realised was such a good decade music wise.

Minerva, present as always.  And what has been my painting table over the winter but should now be going back outside.

Barbecue at the ready.

And my 'new painting table'.  
With glass of red.

Reward for sorting.  Any excuse.

The large table is about to go back outside for the summer along with the six chairs that have been sheltering at the back of the summer house.

 They will be going out here and the square table and its chairs will be finding a new home.  Yet to be decided.

Now do you really wonder why I am so cross about this hair do?
Sunday sorting will be continued during the week as I a)wonder what my hairdresser has against me and b)what I can do to sort it.


Anonymous said...

Hairdressers....sigh. My problem is getting the same style twice in a row.

As for your empty drawers...they should be filled with chocolate. :) Hmm, maybe too hot in there.

Lucky you, having a summer house to paint in. What a lovely hideaway. :) xx

Christine Laennec said...

I am very jealous of your summerhouse, and painting ability! As for hairdressing - if we could figure that one out, we'd all be millionnaires.

Lynn said...

Ok your hair - you have to fluff it as you dry it - with mousse - and it will be fine. Wish I was there I'd fluff it and mousse it for you :)Honestly it is not as bad as you think.
Love ya.

Jill Chandler said...

Its the colour of the hair I am most upset about, my natural colour is more blonde than this!

Lynn said...

Well that's even better then - cos colour is so easy to change :) This new colour is not really blonde at all is it? Think of it as an experiment - do blondes really have more fun? I think you'll have a right old razzle of a time whatever - lol!
Our hair is important - change it quick if it's bothering you :)
Much love