Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I dont like writing about gloomy things.  But I needed to apologise, not just for the gloom, but for not commenting on anyones blog lately.  Please be assured I love them all.
Following the hairy, scary trip to the opticians I developed yet another chest infection.  This time a real bummer. Hit me Monday evening and was so bad I was considering an ambulance, but I cant stand hospitals.  The doctor visited and has given me so many tablets  I rattle.
Puzzle cat also had to get pills after being aneasthetised and his throat examined.  So I have to be careful not to take one of his.  Or vice versa.

The poor Dawn Patroller is having to do everything.
But still manages to get out and bring me photographs back.
So here they are.
This sculpture is at Fraserburgh Leisure Centre.

 A collared dove seeking sanctuary at one of the churches.

Heron on the pond just down the lane.

And finally....

Ships painter, though I have yet to see any ship/boat this psychedelic.

Hopefully as I am slowly improving, I will be back poking my nose/words into your comment space.


Lynn said...

Can't wait to see you back hale and hearty but in the meantime take care but not the cats pills!! I thought of you as I woke this morning - it takes a while for my nerve endings to work and such so as I waited for some movement to come I thought "Jill's right I should see a vet and not the Dr" (discussed in one of your recent posts) And then I thought "Blast no - the vet might put me down!" LOL I was chuckling as I tried to move myself - you always have me chuckling.
Hope you're feeling better gal.
Much love

Mum said...

Have a good rest. Take care.
Love from Mum

Annie said...

Oh how horrible, I do hope you feel much better real soon x

BadPenny said...

Poor poor you ( and puss cat ) Do hope you are feeling much better soon.

Please may I borrow The DP's photo of the Collared Dove for my end of March post on my second Blog The Linen Shelf as it ties in with something I made ?
I have two Doves visiting my bird table but they never stay long enough to be photographed. Obviously I will give credit & link to your Blog !

Get well soon xx

Jill Chandler said...

Penny you are more than welcome.

A Trifle Rushed said...

Feel better soon. We're all suffering from some vicious fluey thing, curtesy of the 5 year old, I don't think there are many drugs left in the chemist's!

Anonymous said...

Blimey, how did I manage to miss this blog post? Didn't know you'd been ill...sorry. How are you doing now? Hope the tablets are kicking in (for both of you). xx