Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday Mixture.

Cairnbulg Castle.  I have mentioned this one before.  It is privately owned and is a couple of miles from us, towards Fraserburgh.

 Privately owned and lived in.  I may well have stood next to them in the checkout at Tescos.

 Cruden Bay's take on Up Helly Ha.  Well, that is the intention.  Bit of a way to go yet though.

Our next task at Art Class is reflections.

 I first thought these were lovely beach huts.  Oh no, they are containers, metal, rusty containers.  Yeugh.  We just do not do pretty harbours here do we.

Still not sure what to do.

I have done a drawing of a poor bedraggled fox who appears to be stuck in a pond.  Probably not able to move as some silly idiot was taking a photo of him.  Hmm.

So there you are, a real mixture.  Just to add to the pot Puzzle cat has gone back a couple of steps. If he's not careful I'll have him stuffed.  Now you know I dont mean that!


Mum said...

Poor puss.
What about a picture with just one boat and its reflection?
I'm no artist though.
Love from Mum

Lynn said...

I quite like the metal containers picture :) Steve did a nice boat reflections in water pic when we were at art group - it's in our downstairs loo now!! Well not in the loo - lol! I gaze at it every day as I wash my hands (its over the sink) I just love it.
Can't wait to see your picture.
PS Are you still co-ordinating the group or is the teacher back?

Jill Chandler said...

Mum you are quite right,unfortunately the dawn patroller sees things differently.
Lynn, I would love to see Steves pic.
I will do a blog re the art class as things have changed!