Tuesday, 27 March 2012



The Dawn Patroller's car, the one below, has recently had a fair bit of money thrown at it.  I say thrown as you might as well throw your money in the air when it comes to cars.

We tend to run them into the ground figuratively speaking.  So do get our moneys worth out of them.  
Where we lived before was more inland and had deeper snow, so a four by four was essential .  
We were also used to having big cars as we had four children to transport. And when they moved to university lots of goods and chattels to be transported.

We do need room for baby car seats now,  but twice a year filling a car up with people and babies is a bit of a silly reason for having a large car.  And we do still have two cars.  
We are not on a bus route.  So if one car has a problem we are stuck.  So we need two cars.  We also like our independence of each other.

So let me introduce you to our latest.

Suzuki Alta.  The car tax is £30.  Can you believe that?  I am now looking squint eyed at my Honda HR-V, which I love, mainly as I can see over walls.  But should I be paying a shit load of money just to see over walls?  

Definitely that time of year again.  This is a house sparrow.  The nest box is on our electric pole which quite clearly states on the yellow notice you can just see, "Danger of Death".
This is but one reason for a)not putting nest box on pole.  Also b) house sparrows prefer terrace houses/nest boxes in which to nest.  But then sparrows can't read.  Nor are they members of the RSPB who state that house sparrows prefer terraced nest boxes.

 Sunrise this morning, with gorse which has bloomed the whole winter.  This is an artistic photograph courtesy of the DP.  Presumably his flash lit up the gorse. 

 And at last we begin to see lambs in this neck of the woods.

And a Rook heading straight for the photographer.

Could be change there to the DP!


Anonymous said...

We just changed my Honda CRV for a little red Jazz. I had a Jazz before so it's like slipping back into comfy slippers. SO much cheaper to run, woo hoo! You'll love your choice too, I'm sure. :) xx

Susan T said...

We have the same problem with our car, and no babies to transport either - £30 car tax, it does make you think, together with less fuel needed to fill it.

Annie said...

That looks like fun :D

Hubby switched to a little Yaris for driving to and from work ... so many savings, not just on road tax, and he can squeeze into parking spaces he used to have to drive past. Only snag for us is that the dog's don't all fit in it, but like you, living in a village with few buses, we have two cars, so mine is the dog mobile and that one we really are running into the ground ... you can't be precious about a car that regularly transports seven muddy hounds o'er hill and dale!