Sunday, 29 January 2012

Where did all the birds go?

RSPB Garden Bird Watch weekend.  You are asked to watch for one hour and count the birds in your garden.  Normally our garden is full of birds at the many feeding stations we provide.  But every year we do the garden bird watch they all disappear!
This year we think we found the culprit.


A Merlin.  This zoomed across the field at the other side of our fence, so we couldnt even count that as it wasnt over our garden.  As soon as it disappeared - and our hour was up - all the garden birds returned.  Sheesh.

While we are on the bird subject.  Bit if a cheat on the sky only picture, but ho hum, a murmuration of starlings.

Hope your garden was full of birds today.


Annie said...

I saw a murmuration yesterday ... they are just the most awesome thing, as is your Merlin!

BadPenny said...

My garden IS full of birds. I've noticed more than ever even with so many cats around including ours. I noticed a dear little Wren & what I think is a Goldfinch. Didn't do the bird count though !
Your Merlin would be very scary to the little birds I'm sure !