Monday, 16 January 2012

Monday - again. It happens every week.

Today's sky picture.  Very cold today, never unfroze.

So, of course today was the day we had the plumber and joiner here.  Leaving doors open.  The plumber to turn the water off while he removed the loo and sink from the upstairs bathroom.  The joiner in to lay new floors everywhere.

Another picture of the most amazing pig I have ever seen, along with his Gloucester Old Spot pal. 

Havent done much today.  No point being a house cleaner as there is dust everywhere from the joiners activities, and he is back tomorrow.

I am off to school in the morn.  Back to the Catties Tails.  

Had an enjoyable afternoon down the shed and practising using Acrylic paints.  Whoooo.

Quite a good Monday really.


BadPenny said...

I opened the blind to the most beautiful sky this morning - so uplifting

Susan T said...

I just love those piggies. Chill out while the joiner does his bit, it will all be there for you when he is gone, but more enjoyable as you can smile at your new floors.