Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tuesday Tittle Tattle.

This is the school which I visit on a Tuesday.  As you can see it is two storeys high.  Most unusual in a modern school.  There are two staircases.  One of which we have to mount to reach our classroom.

The school is on the potential 'hit list' for closure.  Which is a shame.  It is a lovely school, with great aims and ethics.  Presumably one of the reasons is that it is on two floors and therefore does not comply with being disability friendly.
The children were pleased to see us return after the Christmas break.  In fact for the first time ever I was called a lady.  
"Oh the ladies are back!"
The ladies are racking their brains as to what to do with all these cattie tails.  Needless to say Isobel has an idea ..... If it works more will be revealed next week.

My first attempt with acrylic paints.  The camera hasnt reproduced the colours quite correctly, and it does look a bit parroty, so I will see if any of you can tell what it is supposed to be.  I may never paint again if everyone gets it wrong.

Work for the evenings is this lovely saffron coloured wool  intended to be yet another hoody.  This time for a growing granddaughter.

Daily sky picture.  Some of the pink footed geese that go over our house, off to feed.

And finally.  I am off for the chop tomorrow.  Hair wise.  And this is the picture I am taking for Ange, my hairdresser.  I can do the gormless look okay.

Thats it no more tittle tattle.  Until tomorrow.


Mum said...

Is it some sort of bird of prey? Hope I'm close. The hair style looks great.
Love from Mum

Lynn said...

What does it matter if we all get it wrong? You are an artist dahhhhling!!
Anyhows I'll plump for it being a sparrowhawk if wrong then my second guess is "bird" - now carry on painting!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha about the last photo. The other evening the dark sky over Union Street was absolutely full of the largest V of geese I think I've ever seen. As I learned from "Earthflight," they were riding the thermals over the city. And they were headed your way. Maybe that's them in the photo!

Have you painted your Sparrow Hawk visitor?

I hope the school is saved.