Monday, 30 January 2012

Snowdrops and other stuff.

Carpets of snowdrops in Craigellie Woods, across the road from us.

A young Shag at Fraserburgh.
Isnt he a smart fellow, just waiting to be painted !?

My attempt at a Gannet landing.  Water colour.

Next week's art lesson is harbour scenes.

Not really excited about this one I took today.
So have asked the Dawn Patroller to do his stuff.

A few minutes after taking this photograph of the small fishing boats the sky darkened and we had lashings of snow, none settling.

Back in the warm now and an evening of knitting and house magazines.  

Hope you are all cosy.


Mum said...

I love snowdrops.
I love your painting and am sure you'll rise to the challenge of the next.
I love a nice, warm home.
I love having hobbies and
I love house magazines.
Ain't life sweet!
Love from Mum

Jill Chandler said...

Thanks Mum. Was feeling a bit flat today, not a good post, but you cheered me up.x

Annie said...

I'm loving watching you gain confidence with your paintbrushes :D