Monday, 2 January 2012


Thomas P Teman.

There is still another day before Scotland gets back to normal - everywhere is shut.  Apart from the supermarkets of course.*

There are reports that some roads are blocked with snow, just a keen frost here.  Sunny all day.  With no wind. My yellow rose is opening up its petals!

I am getting a bit stir crazy to be honest.  Itching to get the trees down and decs put away.  Not allowed by the DP until 12th night, altho he lets me count it from Christmas Eve.

Back at school next Tuesday, art class Wednesday.  Been painting most afternoons, knitting in the evenings.  Want to be up and doing but dont know doing what?!

Ah well, wine down time.

*Note for 'Anonymous' So although I cannot get my hair sorted I can still ensure the wine rack is well stocked.


Lynn said...

Love the saying/quote thingy. To be honest most of my days feel like that - lol - that's how I get into bed each night!!!!!!!!

Luv ya,

Mum said...

Great resolution. Our decs are being taken down bit by bit starting yesterday. All that will be left will be the tree on the 12th night.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

Happy New Year. We will get back to normal with a big bang once home - cold & heaps of stinky washing to do ! I leave the decorations up til twelth night but none to take down this year. Not sure if the south has had snow maybe we shall get some.