Friday, 6 January 2012

The Broch.

In 1504 The energetic Frasers of Philorth purchased a community called Faithlea, by Kinnaird Head.  Due to their energies and building all manner of castles, towers, and Alexander getting knighted in 1594, in 1601 Faithlie was elevated to the Burgh and Regality of Fraserbugh, in honour of their patron.  Its nickname 'the Broch' is said to date from this time: they could no longer call it Fathlie and were damned if they were calling it Fraserburgh!

Yesterday evening the DP and I went along to the DP's Photographic Society.  Everyone took their Christmas/Hogmanay  left overs plus booze and had a merry old time.  The entertainment was a fascinating picture show of the Broch from years back.  These are just a few from the many we viewed.

The architecture is stunning in its diversity and in some cases magnificence.  Also much of it remains.

 The harbour as was.  Much altered now, but there are still many architectural gems.

The fishing boats are different, no sails now, but there are still a lot of this size boat venturing out.

The Fishermen still sort their nets out, but in different gear.

And I assume they still get their share of the catch, which is what is happening here.

This does look as if it might be more of a pleasure trip, given the garb of the people on board.

And most amazing of all I found out last night, there used to be a train station down by the harbour.   This picture was taken in 1963.  Just before Mr Beeching wielded his axe.

The building that looks as if it is sitting on the train is where I go for my art class.

The old railway line is used now for walkers and cyclists.

It was an amazing experience seeing these old photographs.  Some of the people there last night could remember where Woolworths was and that Boots the Chemist used to be on that corner and so on.  I could remember some of the outfits the people on the streets wore.  
A real pleasure to see history preserved  in the Broch.


Susan T said...

What a lovely idea, people in this village would be far too snooty to take their left overs to a film evening. More fool them!

Mum said...

I was looking at some 'old' pictures of my hometown last week and remembered all the landmarks. Doesn't time just fly by.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

It's great that there are people who are saving this heritage, and also those who remember the days of yore. I love talking to the older generation (i.e. older than me!!) at church for this reason.

Annie said...

What a fascinating post :D And I've just been catching up on the last few. Looks like a good year, and that quote about sliding into the grave is perfect!

A Trifle Rushed said...

Happy New Year!

A wonderful post, I just love all the photographs, and like Susan I am impressed with the real sense of community and mutual support I always get from your posts.
I'm looking forward to more knitting at school with the children;-) jude x