Sunday, 22 January 2012

Day out in the Cairngorms.

Train station for the train to the top of Cairngorm.  I always thought trains went on the flat....

But this one goes up a mountain.

and up.  Youngest daughter, visiting us, appearing very calm.  What if the train broke down?

Then you get to the top and are told you should not go outside as the wind speed is 100 mph.

Lovely view of Glenmore.  Not viewable from the top...but quite clear the nearer ground level you got.  Makes sense.  I always see things clearly when I am not stressed about falling off mountains.

Collecting mad walkers half way down.  Cant they see the snow and feel the wind?
Do they do it for fun?!

Skiers being told to not be so silly, its way too windy.  Go home.

Down at ground level, not enough snow for the husky trials.  So they used wheels.

Now if I could have sat on one of them I might have gone out for the day in the Cairngorms.  But on balance I am quite happy I stayed at home.


lily said...

Beautiful views (through the snow), but going on a train climbing up a mountain in 100 miles per hour winds.......scary stuff! Glad to see you made it back down in one piece. x

A Trifle Rushed said...

Goodness! What weather, it's just dull and overcast, not even cold here! I think I would have opted to stay at home as well.

Susan T said...

I think you were quiet right brrrrr.

Cairngorms hotel said...

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