Friday, 13 January 2012

At least they cant cut down the clouds - Thoreau

Thank you Christine  for a wonderful quote.

Here is today's picture.

It is quite difficult to not take the picture with trees in, or other ground structures!

The artist in me wants to paint the picture.  But I am currently painting/pen and inking the field of teasels the DP photographed.  I sit in the summer hoose/drinking den/opera concert auditorium most afternoons  2 til 4.  Then as the sun sets and the birds come for their final feed at the bird feeders and it is too dark to see to paint I watch the sky.

Here in the North East of Scotland the position of the sunset moves.  This has always spooked me, but I have gradually got used to it.  Now it is setting behind Mormond Hill, soon it will be moving more to the East, albeit still in the West, see its spooky isnt it, North, South,East, West, how can they move about?  Apparently its all to do with the tilt of the Earth, the DP has explained this to me countless times, but I still dont get it.  

No wonder our ancestors did everything they could to appease the Gods.

But even they knew you can't cut down the clouds.

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Mum said...

Iona's blog - Life after Money - pictures a sunset today and as I commented on hers - it's a Magical Moment. Not enough people look up each day. What wonderful sights they would see.
Love from Mum