Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wednesdays witterings.

Well here you go.  Bit more Carole Klein than Lulu....

 Needing that glass of wine.  And possibly more polyfilla for the wrinkles.

Art class this morning on pastels.  Pity the bottle was empty.

Sky picture.

I will speak more once my neck has warmed up.

Thank you for your comments!  Thank goodness all saw it as a sparrow hawk.  Or similar. We will draw a veil over nasty anonymous's comment, in fact I took great pleasure in deleting it.

Sorry folks (or anonymous mainly)  but I shall continue taking pleasure in my art attempts.


Mum said...

Chop approved - let's see the back view aswell! I've never heard that excuse for having a tipple - "I need an empty bottle for Art class tomorrow." I must try that one! I'm loving your sky pics.
Love from Mum

lily said...

Love the new hairdo Jill, maybe you should get your knitting needles clicking and make a nice cosy cowl to keep your newly rvealed neck warm........great still life, pity the wine bottle's empty. x

Lynn said...

Love the hair - am now being very very helpful and providing you with an empty wine bottle - aren't I a good friend - hic?!!
PS did you know you can "Block" offensive commenters? Not me though, or else!! L.x.x.