Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Pleasures.

Todays sky picture.  You can almost see this as a sea picture.  Isnt Nature superb.

My wee granddaughter, not looking too impressed at Grandma's knitting 'skills'.  (But she has a cold.)

Now this is where I begin to think I am going 'ever so slightly mad.'  The art sale in Lidl continues and I thought, well why not?

All I need now is the artists smock and a beret.  And to be able to actually fix it together.

And finally, one more Sunday pleasure.

This orchid was given to me by my sister in law years ago.  I hid it in between the new ones in flower, and the old ones I had successfully encouraged to re flower.  Then this morning as I blearily began making our morning cappuccinos, I noticed a flower, not just one flower, but loads of minute orchid blooms.  So-o-o beautiful.

I am just raising a glass to it as I write.

Hope you all had Sunday Pleasures.


lily said...

Hi Jill, you get such beautiful skies where you live.......and your little grandaughter looks so cute in her new that the baby crofter yarn by any chance, it's gorgeous. x

Mum said...

Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful. Simple pleasures but just the greatest.
Love from Mum

Susan T said...

Beautiful sky, even more beautiful baby. She looks so warm and cuddly in her new knits.

Jill Chandler said...

Lily - it is the Baby Crofter wool.

Weird isnt it!