Thursday, 12 January 2012

Lidl I love you, but I love the sky more.

Lidl is a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, although it is German owned.  Each week they have special offers, not just on food and drink but on other things, and every so often its art stuff.

This week was a good one.

Water colour paints, Acrylic paints, pastels, paint brushes, canvasses and a Canvas block.
Wowee.  From an art shop on the internet this little lot would have cost me well over a hundred pounds, well, well over.  They may not be the best quality, but they will do me as a beginner, and a tryer!

Now, what do you look at when you first visit someone's home?  For me it is always the book shelves.  And if I find none, I worry, seriously worry.  And probably write that person off for ever.  They dont have to be on shelves, but just somewhere in the home, piles off by the bed, piles of under the bed.  Just somewhere there has to be books.
And no, I do not have a kindle, where the hell did that name come from, kindling is to burn, is that what they intend, to burn books?

These are my book shelves.  Okay there are some dvds there and some ornaments.  And I have to say since we down sized so have the book shelves.  But the classics are still there.  A whole set of Dickens.  Lots of gardening, craft, bird, nature, humorous, poetry, Shakespeare, Harry Potter and dare I say it in the same breath, Mr Tolkein, ... Now appearing are photographic books and art books, so the empty shelves and the ornaments will be altering very soon.  Charity shops here I come!

And finally.  I have joined Annie from in taking a picture of the sky, hopefully every day.  Instead of looking down, we are to look up.  As someone who has a blog called Land of the Big Sky I could do no other than to go along with this.  
Since we moved to the North East of Scotland I have been constantly amazed at what I see in the sky.  Nature is the best artist of all.
I know that everyone, wherever they are can look up.  They can witness this fantastic changing picture.  It is only since coming here that I have looked up.  No longer seeing dirty streets, even if you live by them you can still look up.  There are no coke cans in the sky.
Or a Lidl.  Or a Tesco.  Or a Morrison.  But then they dont aim to sell food for the soul.  Altho some of them do sell books.....


Annie said...

That is one gorgeous sky picture! And I love what you said about no coke cans in the sky! Really chuffed you decided to join in :D

Books. We have a lot, but the only books visitors who pop by generally see are the ones we've left lying around, all the book cases are upstairs. It's having a house on three floors with two first floor studies (his and hers!), somehow there's more space for them up there.

Happy painting with all your new goodies Jill x

Anonymous said...

What an AMAZING photo of the sky! I often think of something Thoreau wrote in the 19th century: "At least they can't cut down the clouds." Yes, there are really beautiful skies in Scotland.

And yes, I feel the same way about a house without books, although one of my closest friends is of this persuasion. I can't understand it at all.