Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Back to normal.

Christmas Trees stripped and heading for the compost heap and logs for the outside wood burner - ah, happy thoughts of sitting outside on a Summer's evening.

The palm back in its space.

The Piano finally finds a place, after skulking in bits, upstairs.  I used to have an upright piano, but this is much more fun.  It has been upstairs as I couldn't decide where to put it.  But with a bit of tweaking, such as a plant or two, I think it will do nicely in the dining room.

I have been playing the piano for over fifty years.  I am no good at it.  I can read music but it takes a lot of practice before I can turn the sound up!  This keyboard adds in violins and voices should you so wish.  Great fun.  Or you can change to being an organ which can make the furniture shake, or at the very least upset the cats.

 Some of the Christmas decs on their way to the garage.

Almost finished my first go with this wool, which does a pretend fair isle without you even trying.

Hat/Beret done and the Smock Cardigan to be sewn up and then the borders to be picked up and knitted, two buttons to sew on, done.  For grand daughter.

And here is one I made earlier.  My two month old grandson in his hoodie.

I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms from not being able to go to the Summerhouse/shed/art studio/drinking den/opera studio.  More of the roof came off yesterday and water is now getting in.  The DP spent 2 hours 27 minutes holding on to the phone waiting to speak to a human at the insurance company, before getting fed up.  The roofer has his phone switched off.  We have the electric down there switched off, in case the water gets to it.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day I pray we really do get back to normal!


Anonymous said...

Oh I was sorry to see the destruction wreaked on your summer house. I really hope you can contact a human bean sometime in the next wee while, and get it fixed.

Your knitting is beautiful! Lucky babies.

Mum said...

Most of our decorations are down now and the place looks bare. The wind is still blowing outside although no roofs off here. All the best with the summer house saga.
Love from Mum