Saturday, 14 January 2012

Visitors and visited.

Today's sky picture.

We woke this morning to a fantastic sunrise, frost and still.

The moon had shone all night and was still in the sky.  I was woken countless times by the sound of a male Tawny Owl.  In the end I shut the window.  So that was one visitor.

This was another.  Female Sparrow Hawk, eyeing up potential breakfast.

Then the Great Spotted Woodpecker came for his breakfast.

Later in the day I did more on my painting/pen and ink.

While the DP visited ......

Now just inst this the most loveliest pig you have ever seen.


Mum said...

Love the teasels, not too sure about the pig though!
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

A beautiful moon-sky, and gosh that sparrow hawk looks scary! Your teasels are beautiful.

Lynn said...

Teasel pic brill as I said in my letter start selling them :)Your paintings will keep you in wine and rambling rector roses!!