Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Roond and aboot.

Early snowdrops.  Global warming?  About a month early I think.  Soon the woodlands will be carpeted.  Normally (?) end of February.....

The DP decided to go and have a look see if there were any teasels left.

Just a few!

Goldfinches love them.

Back at the ranch I finally finished the cardigan/smock in the 'Fair Isle' wool.

The squiggly thing is a 'flower'!

At last I am back down the shed/summerhouse/drinking den/art studio, after yet another temporary repair.  More gale damage after the winds last week.  Still drying out my water colour box.

A temporary arrangement of the 'fairy lights' I asked Father Christmas to supply and youngest daughter came through.  Once the painting of the interior is finished (hah) these will look amazing once hung properly.  Well pleased, a bit different!

We are now awaiting a second Insurance Assessor as we disputed totally what the first one said, "rusty nails"  
Sorry no nails, galvanised screws.  
"Wear and tear." Dont think so, we have an aerial photo taken 7.11.11. Showing one immaculate roof.
How fortunate that the 4/5 yearly visit from the chap who has zoomed around the skies taking photos of all our properties from above  and hopes to get paid by silly householders like me, who thinks, oo look theres my wee car, theres the rubble the builders left, and oo look you can just see a cat, coughed up and now has a beautifully framed photograph with all those and a very dodgy shadow of an aeroplane over it all.  But it also has one immaculate roofed summer house.  Ha ha.


Lynn said...

Ha Ha indeedy!! :)

Mum said...

Snowdrops are my favourite flower. Please take a photo of the snowdrop carpet for me. Good luck on the insurance front. The cardi looks great.
Love from Mum

xx Nicki (home bird)xx said...

Love those fairy lights, I got some very similar for Christmas in oink and grey - s
Don't they give a lovely warm light? Love them!

Nicki x

Anonymous said...

I always wondered how it was that so many people had aerial photos of their country houses - but obviously it's not optional! Good for you to dispute it.

Very pretty cardigan for the baby.

Annie said...

Ooh I like the sound of you being able to knock those insurers down a peg or two, good luck Jill :D

Oh, and don't forget the sky photos!