Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thursday Triumph.

We won!  Our second assessor from the insurance company inspected the summer house, its roof piled up at the rear, 
"I am looking for wood rot, I can't see any."
"What I can see is a well built, well maintained, wooden garden erection."  (Sorry, I giggled.)
So he has approved the insurance claim.  Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah.

My view from same as the sun sets.

And a new roof to replace the old to come.

Todays sky picture.

Family.  Eldest daughter on left, holding granddaughter, third daughter on right holding second grandson.  They have swapped babies for this picture.  We most of us now live so far apart.  Eldest daughter is based in Edinburgh, Third daughter in Lincoln.  Eldest daughter took youngest grandson to visit Lincoln branch.  And we are Skyping often.  Something to be said for the wonderful technology of today.  I cant touch, or cuddle, or kiss, but I can see.

Thursday triumph.


Mum said...

Hooray for the summer house roof and hooray for Skype.
Love from Mum

Lynn said...

The girls look beautiful - and their babes of course - how lovely A went avisiting!
Only you could have a garden erection :)

Annie said...

Skype is a wonderful thing isn't it. So far none of my lot have moved far away, in fact two still live here most of the time (the other two are only a few miles away, though in opposite directions) but I have a feeling things won't always be this way.

Brilliant news about the roof Jill :D
And I LOVE today's sky pic!

lily said... won, and quite right too. Lovely pics of your family, it's a shame they don't live a little closer, but as you say technology can be a wonderful thing. x

Kerry said...

Glad to her that you won your battle!
I love Skype. Two of my grandchildren live in Scotland and as I live in Australia, I wouldn't cope at all without it!
Kerry x

Marinab said...

Had to giggle at your wooden garden erection too! Was telling my friends about it when we were looking for ways to describe our "auto erection" - see my blog. Love reading your blog as always Jill, so entertaining and great to keep up with news of Buchan. All the best, Marina