Saturday, 12 November 2011

What is it with the weather?

Last week at the art class we were painting a snow scene, intended to be a Christmas Card.,

I don't think so! It isnt finished yet, and probably never will be as it is c***

This time last year. This is from our previous home a few miles away from where we are now.

We were snowed in.

The sea today. Calm, the sun shone, there was no wind - I almost considered taking my vest off.

And this is yesterday.

But no snow.

This morning I threw open all the windows, it was so hot! 12th November ? How weird is that!

When I went down to the shed/summerhouse/art studio/drinking den I couldnt see out of the windows as they were all steamed up.

We have roses in bloom. Petunias. Geraniums. Pansies. The grass needs cutting. I am sure I saw a bird with nesting material in its beak.

I have just sorted through all the Christmas Decorations (and filled three bin bags with golds and reds for the Charity Shop.)
Whilst the sun beat down and the birds sang.
Whereas I normally do such tasks with 'In the Deep Midwinter' on the cd player. Or similar. Weird. Or what?


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Very weird. The seasons really are all over the place. I read, and loved, a book as a child in which topsy turvyounkinge seasons presaged doom! Never can remember what it was, but I've often wished I could find it again ... I think it had a happy ending :D

Anonymous said...

We cut our grass today! But what photos of the sea - very stormy. I guess we just have to accept what comes. By the way, I don't agree your painting (beginning of) is c***!

BadPenny said...

We have apple blossom ! and it's very warm AND the grass needs cutting !
Lovely snow pics & your painting is far from c**p !

bellaboo said...

It's crazy isn't it? I was walking Bella by the sea today,and the sky was clear blue and the sun was warm.I can't even feel Xmassy at the moment,but I need to sort through my decs too,as every year I'm tempted and I buy more and now I think I could open a Xmas shop!