Friday, 18 November 2011


Lonmay is a very spread out place. Our friends live in Lonmay Village. This is a couple of miles away from where we live.

Dotted about are farms and cottages all with the address - Lonmay. There is Strathellie, and Cairnellie, all Lonmay.

Then there is a group of properties. Lonmay Old Manse.

This is a high quality b&b run by more friends of ours.

Close by is Cairness House. We can see this frontage from our sitting room window.

Lonmay Churchyard. This is near the Old Manse.

The old schoolhouse, now a private home.

And one of the churches, also now a private home.

We met the owners of this a few years back and were told the top floor now houses a swimming pool!

These buildings and the churchyard are grouped fairly randomly just down the road from our house. But, apart from the spread out farms roond and aboot no ordinary houses to send children to the school or penitents to the churches. Yet again another field of research for me. Why were those buildings put where they are? Without rhyme nor reason. But there has to be.

Also close by this group of houses, churches, three of them, cemeteries, two, is the village hall. Strangely no picture on Google.

We are heading there tonight for a quiz to raise funds for said village hall.

I do hope I learn something other than how not to answer quiz questions.

I have my booze ready in my bag. So doubtful we will be winners.


A Trifle Rushed said...

Hope you had fun! What a lot of churches, it is wonderful to see buildings put to new uses though.
And well done, I like your blog list at the side, I must investigate a few I don't yet know!

Anonymous said...

How very interesting. Do let us know what, if anything, you find out. I recently learned that the Great Disruption of the churches in Scotland in the mid-19th century is the reason why you often have two churches right across the street one from the other. Half the congregation left and would build a church right in the face of their old church, to prove a point I guess?

Thanks also for including my blog on your list! Very kind of you.