Sunday, 6 November 2011

Am I getting too old?

I used to love driving anywhere, any place. Put me behind the wheel and I was happy.
Friday we drove down to Edinburgh.

We stopped for lunch at this lovely Garden Centre. I sat and looked out and redesigned my garden! Such beautiful colours, the paths, the setting, it was lovely. But I had this awful desire to then turn round and come home again! And I had only been driving for two hours.

But we carried on and first drove round Edinburgh to Gilmerton where we had a self catering cottage. This post office was just down the road.

One of our daughters and her partner were travelling up from Lincoln so it seemed better to pick somewhere for us to stay that was on the South side of Edinburgh. But this then entailed a drive through Edinburgh - and back again.

My eldest daughter has a flat, on the top floor, of a tenement building in the middle of Edinburgh. These are the views from her window.

Here is the Dawn Patroller with our eldest grandson. Being silly.

And here he is meeting our second grandson.

Me meeting 4 week old grandson. I have this effect on most males.

We had a lovely two nights away. We had all our daughters and partners to see. Three daughters are in Edinburgh. We had a trip to IKEA. We played with our grandsons. We drove through Edinburgh and back again till I finally did not need to ask "Which Lane?"
We visited the other two daughters' flat, backing on to the Botanic Gardens, beautiful.

Today we drove home again. I am shattered!
I went straight down to the Summer House and sat and watched the sun set. All I could hear were the birds. I sat for two hours and eventually I unwound.

Our daughter who lives in Lincoln is about to present us with our third grandchild. I am checking out flights........I am getting too old.


Annie said...

What a wonderful family weekend. But all that driving sounds as if it would have been exhausting even for a youngster!zonguar

Lynn said...

Hiya Jill - having difficulties accessing your blog and also leaving messages - looks like you didn't get my last message. Lovely pics. Zac looking more and more like his Mom when she was little. Baby gorgeous.
Grandad - who was entertaining who? Lol.
Glad you're flying to Lincoln- you are a long long way - the mileage to yours nearly killed me!
Love your flowery top - where did you get it?

Jill said...

Flowery top Asda.
Still recovering from travel! Off to school this morning...