Friday, 11 November 2011

Thank Goodness Its Friday!

Nothing planned. Whew. Caught up with the cleaning. Had my chill out session in the Summer House, just watching the birds, too dark to paint.
I watched a coal tit sitting on the nut feeder. It appeared to be frozen. I had never witnessed a bird be so still for so long and was becoming concerned. When suddenly it flew off and immediately there was a whoosh as a Sparrow Hawk pursued it. Twas better than the fillums. And it missed. So a happy ending. For the coal tit anyway.

The Dawn Patroller had to wait for his trip to get the morning paper to take any photographs. So dark, and dreich.
Fantastic looking curlew at the waters edge.

Our brave fishermen setting out on stormy seas.

I am sure they appreciate lighthouses shining their light to warn of hazards.

These are the net drying poles alongside the, now replaced, Kinnaird Head lighthouse. Which is now the Scottish Museum of Lighthouses.

Some time back a group of volunteers were gathered together, and as they could all knit, the Knitting Nancies were born. To encourage involvement in the museum and to publicise it they came up with the idea of knitting covers for the drying poles.

The idea took off.

People from far and wide and locally transformed the drying poles engendering lots of publicity and the beginning of local involvement.

This was followed by the knitted fish. Over 600 fish were received at the lighthouse museum. From all over the world.

Doctor Helen showing a couple.

Doctor Helen is the person who brought together the first group of volunteers who have knitted and arranged the displays.

At every school holiday the volunteers get together activity mornings for the local children. This has brought in an enormous amount of local people, both young and old, to the museum. A great success. And a lot of fun.

The aim is to encourage all to appreciate the museum and bring it to life. Well that has certainly been achieved.

Even on a dreich day - a lot of colour!

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Lynn said...

Always said knitting revives! You've got me thinking now of stuff I could be doing.