Monday, 21 November 2011

A new dawn a new day.

Tis Monday. The Dawn Patroller goes off to do the shopping and I do the cleaning. And the washing, and if I feel really silly I do the ironing. Didnt feel silly today.

I am planning my next art project. Our tutor asked for pictures of buildings and dry stane dykes. (Walls). We are to do pen and ink on Wednesday.

Putting this one in as it raised a smile. On your right part of the butchers display, the old delivery bike. To the left is a wee customer's bike.

Fisherman's cottage Cairnbulg.


And a church in the middle of nowhere, which according to the sign is an active church.
Just up the road from us. With a dry stane dyke at the front of it.

Cottage in Inverallochy. Ripe for some property developer.

I went to the library this afternoon and requested books for beginners in water colour painting. Took the pictures above. Managed an hour of painting before the light went. Then had a blissful hour listening to opera, full blast, all within the Summer Hoosie/shed/studio.drinking den, whilst watching blue tits, coal tits and great tits decimate our bird feeders.

This evening I shall be continuing trying to finish the latest baby hooded jacket.
Tomorrow its back to school and more teaching on Catties Tails.
Did I mention I had retired?

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lily said...

You are certainly keeping very busy, thoses images should make beautiful watercolours. x