Sunday, 20 November 2011

Oooh what a night it really was....

Well if I was going to book a stretch limo I would not have it look like a white van. One's worst nightmare having this bearing down on you on the M6.

Here we all are about to get inside.

Lady approximately in the middle in black with a glittery yoke is the bride to be. I am on the end looking as if I have a maternity smock on.

Inside the stretch limo. Plenty glasses and serviettes and coolers and music and screens and flashing lights. No booze tho - we had to bring our own.

This is me and friend Thynna who discovered a few minutes in to the drive round Peterhead that the strobe lighting was making her feel ill.
From then on, she closed her eyes, and I gave a running commentary.
"Harbour again."
"Wetherspoons - again."
"And here's the harbour, no, its the Marina - again."
"Oooh, the recycling centre."
"Harbour again."
Thynna did promise me a reference for being a tour operator for the partially sighted.

After an hour of drinking our way round Peterhead we ended back up at the Waterside Hotel and had our meal. Which was very nice, even nicer with more booze. And a song from the bride to be. I do have a video, but I think you have had enough.

This is not what I got through during the night, following many glasses of red wine, although I was very near.

No, this was the Fraserburgh Half Marathon which went past our house this afternoon.

She looks to be enjoying herself....

Which I did last night. Although, I have to say, I shall not be going in a stretch limo again, doubt I will do a hen party again and no way will you find me doing a half marathon.

I always thought that was a pub crawl. And I am past that as well.

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