Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Flying high.

Pink footed geese off to feed.

Bit more of an autumnal nip in the air today.

Art class this morning. We were supposed to be continuing our snow scenes. I was all ready with a photograph of a fat robin sitting on a twig as I had given up on my 'just a branch with snow on it'. But I then asked a question about using masking stuff which had been referred to. To show white in water colour painting there are various ways of so doing. The paper you paint on is white so if you mask it then paint over then remove masking stuff you get white. Comprend?
I was then given a painting lesson which lasted the rest of the two hour session and will stay in my brain for a long time.
Louise has been painting for thirty odd years, probably more, and she still has this amazing enthusiasm and 'oh this is fun attitude' just amazing.
Here is some of her work.

You can see more on

Today she painted a tree. The sky. The ground. With snow on it. I really should have taken a photo.

I will be flying high if I can get any where near this!
Just a postscript. I pay just £5 a week as a contribution towards the coffee and biscuits.

Before it got dark I started my fat robin. Tomorrow he gets snowed on.

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BadPenny said...

Interesting about the white.
I'm finding it difficult to read your posts as there is a double image with words overlapping. Hope you don't mind me saying !