Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Craigellie and how the internet can run away with you.

Arms of the Craig Clan.

Somebody long dead of the Craig clan.

In Craigellie Woods a spooky ruin.

This morning the Dawn Patroller discovered the above ruin. Only once the leaves had left the trees could he see that there was a track leading to this tucked away in the wood.
This set me off surfing the internet to find out what Craigellie means. Craigellie is where we live. It is not part of our postal address but does appear on some sign posts and the locals know exactly where it is.
There is a large country house called Craigellie House.
Ellie means small burn and indeed there is a small stream just round the corner.
Craig means Rocky Hill, and there is one we can see from the dining room.
Further reading led me to the fact that there was a Craig Clan. With a coat of arms (above). I got quite excited. Bit here is where I came down to earth with a thump. The Craig Clan were from Aberdeenshire but not this bit! Ah well.
So why this area is called Craigellie is down to the fact we have a small burn and a rocky hill. Not very romantic.
Nor was this discovery in Craigellie Woods.
An ancient tattie (potato) digging up machine.

At last the awful truth.

What I had to paint.
I cant paint.


BadPenny said...

Oh yes you can ! That is looking lovely.

How interesting to research the name.
I did a party game once where I had the meanings of everyone's names & they had to guess the real name. We had a Craig there !

One name translated as Bitterness so I had to try to find another definition & not upset the lady it referred to !!!

Lynn said...

What a fab idea for a party game - I shall nick that one :)
PS Love the painting & the drawings too. x.

Anonymous said...

You can so paint!