Thursday, 17 November 2011

Mops, mice and other critturs.

One has to get down to it sometime. So why not make it fun. Its probably the most amount of exercise I ever get.
The Dawn Patroller goes off to shop Thursday mornings. So I know that when I am finished, for about 5 minutes, the house is clean. The cats either leave the house or cling on to a spot they hope I am not aiming for.
Whilst emptying a bag of door handles, that was laid on the floor near the new doors awaiting the joiner, a mouse leapt out of the bag. I checked the receipt from B&Q, no mention of a mouse.
It shot under the wine cooler. I could have just said cupboard, but we have a wine cooler, okay. So I opened the patio doors, closed the dining room door, after throwing a cat in.
Dont know whether that worked or not. So I have now returned the bag, later I will bait it with chocolate then in the morning see if the mouse has stuffed itself with chocolate and is snoozing in the bag. At which point I shall throw the bag out of the patio doors. Seemple.
Sheep normally run away from anything on two legs. And four. But seeing the Dawn Patroller walking through the gloom before dawn, with his arm bands flashing red lights, well you just have to settle your curiosity dont you. Then get the DP making a bigger flash right in your face.

The above two pictures show Turnstones, not turning stones.

And a Great Black Backed Gull. As it isnt a turnstone it is totally ignoring the rather large stone to its right.

Still managed an hour in the studio/shed/drinking den in the afternoon. My fat robin isnt fat enough and his eye is a bit odd, but he does now have snow on his branches. Well, not his branches, the ones he is sitting on.
Mopping floors always sends me a bit silly. Good job I dont do it often.


Jill said...

Double image -sorry, this is me trying to get others blogs listed. :(

Annie said...

Thank you for the giggle :D Housework makes me feel silly too ... which reminds me that I'm supposed to be doing some!