Monday, 28 November 2011

Orifices filled and oil rigs.

Now, theres a header to catch your attention!

New doors filling the orifices in the downstairs of our house. Hopefully lightening up the darkness of the inner hallway - shall find out tomorrow in daylight.

As I write, the joiner is still fitting door handles.

The old doors I put on to freecycle this morning and there was a queue for them in minutes. They have now been collected and saved from landfill.
Most strange story of where they are going to which I shall share with you. The couple who came used to own about six Alsation dogs, who did not get on, so they kept them in separate rooms. So as to be able to see what they were up to they halved all their doors, like stable doors. Some of the dogs have gone to dog heaven and the ones remaining get on together, so they can now have proper doors.
Aren't other peoples lives just awesome!

While we mooched around with the wind blowing in from patio doors, joiner doing his sawing and planing out there, and the kitchen window wide open, joiner had his drills etc. plugged in to the kitchen, cable out through the window, not sure why he couldnt have confined all his doings to the room with the patio door....which does have plenty electric sockets....but then.
The Dawn Patroller went off to do the shopping, including more bits for the doors, and took pictures of the sea.
Hoving (?) into view was an oil/gas rig. Presumably one of the submersible ones which arent anchored on the sea bed but sort of float, and can be towed in by tugs to wherever to be repaired or whatever.

Since the land that is going to be drilled cannot provide a base for offshore drilling as it does for onshore drilling, an artificial platform must be created. This artificial platform can take many forms, depending on the characteristics of the well to be drilled, including how far underwater the drilling target is. One of the most important pieces of equipment for offshore drilling is the subsea drilling template. Essentially, this piece of equipment connects the underwater well site to the drilling platform on the surface of the water. This device, resembling a cookie cutter, consists of an open steel box with multiple holes in it, dependent on the number of wells to be drilled. This drilling template is placed over the well site, and usually lowered into the exact position required using satellite and GPS technology. A relatively shallow hole is then dug, in which the drilling template is cemented into place. The drilling template, secured to the sea floor and attached to the drilling platform above with cables, allows for accurate drilling to take place, but allows for the movement of the platform, which will inevitably be affected by shifting wind and water currents. Courtesy of

Okay, got all that? Normally we dont see the platforms as they are miles out, so this one was being towed, probably into Peterhead, where we have seen them towering above the harbour and being refurbished.

So - a day of great activity by everyone but us.

Just waiting for the joiner to finish up then we can fill up the orifices in our faces.

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SarahB said...

Your new doors look good!!

How amazing to see an oil rig being towed like that!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, in answer to you question about the Cath Kidston floor tiles - they don't need grouting, they are thick vinyl and are glued down butted right up against one another.

S x