Sunday, 27 November 2011

Blackening and Bluster.

More pre nuptials. My friend who we helped celebrate her hen night in the stretch limo, has today gone through the blackening ritual.

Initially the bride to be was the one who was blackened by her friends but now the groom is also blackened in many cases. The bride and the groom are taken by surprise or may be by shock and covered with foul and disgusting substances. The friends cover them with any gross they can think of. It can be curdled milk, rotten eggs, spoiled curry, smelly fish sauces, molasses, mud, flour, sausages, syrups and feathers.

It seems that the bride or the groom, whoever is being blackened, is always mentally prepared for this pre-wedding tradition as they don’t try to run or hide somewhere.

After being blackened he or she or both of them are either tied to a tree or taken to the local streets and the pubs with the friends clanging the pots to announce the wedding. Scots believe that this humiliation prepares them to face all the difficulties and humiliations that may come across them as nothing would be more humiliating through out their life.

Courtesy of Culture Ledger.

Unfortunately we couldnt make it. I just hope they weren't blown away.

We have had some terrific winds. Although these winds were blowing towards the sea it still had an effect.

Our nearest sea is at Cairnbulg which has a small harbour. This picture does show how harbours actually work, in that the sea is calm within the walls. Fraserburgh can be seen in the distance.

The wreck at Cairnbulg remains despite 100 mph winds and raging seas.

The Eider ducks seem to be revelling in it!

I always think they look like matadors, with the black 'hats'.

And it is from these birds that we got our down/feathers from to make the eiderdown.

So in the blustery winds of North East Scotland I am off to find something to keep me warm.
Glass of red might just do it.


BadPenny said...

Your posts always tell me something I've never heard of ( and I'm married to a Scot ! ) How strange but quite sweet in a smelly way !

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - what a tradition! And an interesting view of marriage: humiliation à gogo! Those are beautiful photographs of the fierce winds on the sea.