Wednesday, 30 November 2011


My third grandchild - my first granddaughter. Born this morn 5.30a.m. weighing in at 8lbs 3 oz. Wow.
Apart from looking like Les Dawson she is really quite beautiful.
(Followers over the pond, google him.)

All those years ago when I gave birth to her mother I announced, "She looks like a skinned rabbit."
This followed the birth of my second child, "Looks like a hippo."
And first, "Amy Turtle."
Apparently the midwives write down your first words after giving birth.
It was not long after daughter number three arrived that I had a visit from Social Services, I kid you not.
The Dawn Patroller had some task trying to explain his wife's strange sense of humour.
Just being honest, and why not? I still loved them totally.
When I had the fourth daughter I kept quiet, indeed I think the DP gagged me.
But I still had this chap come and ask me if I minded that I had had another girl.....
To which I replied,
"If it had been a boy it would have had to wear frocks."
That shut him up. There was no answer to that and no more questions either!


GretchenJoanna said...

Do the midwives actually tell social services what you said?? The photo of your grandchild is beautiful -- but what can you say about a brand-new baby, except that no matter how odd they look, they obviously have been dropped from Heaven. Congratulations!

BadPenny said...

oooh what a gorgeous bunde !

My eldest brother looked in the hospital window when I was born & said, "It's a pity it's not a boy" He aleady had two little brothers ! He went on to take me to the footie, cricket & dog races - Bless !

Annie said...

Welcome, welcome little one. And don't listen to that grandmother of yours, you look pretty perfect to me.

I opined that my first looked like a hoover attachment Jill, or possibly Yoda, clearly I was lucky not to get a visit too!

Anonymous said...

Contratulations! She is gorgeous. Your tale of post-partum remarks is very funny. I'm surprised you didn't have the Social Services round straight away after the frock quip!

lily said...

Congratulations Jill, she's beautiful. x

Lynn said...

Neve is a beauty like her Mom (and her very naughty grandma)
Much love

Susan T said...

I won't tell you what my post- partum remarks were, they are unprintable. I wanted a child who didn't have my nose. I didn't think its fair to pass it on. I got a beautiful little girl first time, but you have guessed it, my nose.

Your grandaughter is far far too beautiful to look anything like Les Dawson

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I'm late to congratulate you, but what a lovely baby! Les Dawson indeed! :)