Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A break with tradition.

This is what I like as a Christmas Tree. Reds and Golds. And Green of course.

It is what we have always had. I have boxes and boxes of red and gold balls and lots of gold tinselly stuff.

So why have I now bought this lot?

Apart from the reflection of the background it is indeed - silver.

Our last home was mainly built in the late 1800s and had space for at least two Christmas Trees. The red and the golds went perfectly.

But not here. The only room we can fit a good sized tree in is the dining room, which if you remember, is black, chrome, glass, etc. and a red and gold traditional tree just would not go.

The other break in tradition is that this will be the first Christmas in 29 years that the Dawn Patroller and I will be - just the two of us.

No Roast Goose, no Vegetarian option. Instead of Articulate or Monopoly et al it will be Scrabble. (And he has to have an egg timer plonked in front of him, otherwise we would be at it till dawn).

Two crackers, how sad is that?

But hang on a minute, it does mean that when I open the wine there will be some left! Ha ha!


BadPenny said...

The wine bit will be a novelty ! It will be different but I'm sure you'll make it special. I love silver decorations on Christmas trees. I have no tree to decorate this year but have sent tinsle out to jolly up the boat.

Lynn said...

Good choice on the colour change.

lily said...

Empty nest syndrom, I know it well, and as for scrabble, I refuse to play with OH after he spent almost an hour trying to use his last three letters of the whole game, it drove me nuts and in the end I went off and made a cuppa and he won by default.

I'm sure the new decorations will look beautiful in your dinning room.

lily x